Do you ever cheat?
   Yes! I think that it would be impossible to live smack dab in the middle of East Texas and not cheat from time to time. But, I try to cheat in very small, insignificant ways. For instance, if I'm craving a candy bar, I try to buy one at the health food store that has very little sugar (i.e. a chocolate bar that is 83% chocolate). It's all about the HABITS, not the exceptions. A bite hear and there isn't detrimental, but my habits must be steadfast. 

How do you afford it?
   It's very expensive to eat healthy. But, we've found that we eat out much less than we used to, so it pretty much evens out. I don't spend a fortune on expensive ingredients. I stick with the basics, and I let the expensive ingredients be for special occasions.

Do you notice a difference in the way that you feel?
   Absolutely! Honestly, y'all, my body has been through the ringer since January 2010. I've had 3 surgeries (one of which resulted in menopause), 30 radiation treatments, and about 9 rounds of oral chemotherapy (smart drugs, not the old-fashioned kind). And, I feel great! I am able to do anything that I want to do, and I have lots and lots of energy. I attribute this to my healthy habits. My husband, Brian, eats the same way that I do, and neither of us have had any illnesses, even minor sicknesses, since beginning the diet.